Argumentative History Essay Outline: Technological Advances in World War I

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Outline A. Thesis Of all of the major wars in the world from the Napoleonic wars to World War One, the war that has had the most impact on modern warfare as it is practiced today is World War One. There were more technological advances in World War One regarding warfare than there had been in the previous six centuries combined, and these advances have changed the face of warfare and continue to play an important role in warfare today. B. Point 1 1. The Introduction of Tanks a. Tanks were first introduced into warfare in World War One. b. Their success during their first use lead to the commission of more of them. Soon, they became an indispensable part of combating the enemy. c. Some people felt that the tanks could not substitute for the infantry, but could supplement it. Others felt the tanks could save lives and be a replacement for the infantry in a lot of places. d. Tank warfare prevailed as a means of war strategy, and lead to the elimination of company-sized waves of soldiers on the battlefield in favor of smaller squads and platoons. C. Point 2 1. The Introduction of the Light Machine Gun a. Machine guns were in use prior to World War One, but were immobile, difficult to operate, and required more than one person to use them. b. The introduction of light machine guns in World War One changed this, and allowed the guns to be operated by one person, thus reducing the need for additional personnel on the battlefield. c. Further

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