Argumentative Homosexuality Paper

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While riding on the A/C/E subway on Eighth Avenue, Daniel Stewart discovered an abandoned, brown-skinned infant quietly sleeping, while wrapped in a dark sweatshirt. Daniel then showed his discovery to his partner, Peter Mercurio who quickly dialed 911. The couple eagerly awaited the arrival of authorities, not wanting to leave the infant. Authorities soon arrived and took the child into their care. The story made the news. A couple months later, Stewart was called to testify. During the case the judge asked Stewart, “Would you be interested in adopting this baby?" Stewart instantly thought yes. However, his partner Peter, knew the journey would be rough. Stewart said, "I saw this opportunity here, this gift to be parents to this child.…show more content…
Alarmed, officials began studying these populations, whom they characterized as sexual deviants and grouped according to the particular practices they engaged in. One such class of deviant came to be called "homosexuals” (Ford). Television shows are the main contributor of depicting homsexuality. The hit TV show, 2 Broke Girls, aired an episode that showed the funeral of a former nanny of one of the girls. The two girls attended the funeral to pay their respects and while being there they learned an interesting fact about the nanny. She was gay. Her partner introduced herself to the two girls, explaining who she was and began to tell stories of their journey through life together. Although, the girls did not know the nanny was gay they did know what a happy and normal life she lived. She made Halloween costumes, drove the kids around, and made sure everything was taken care of all while keep her sexuality a secret from all. She lived the normal, nanny life all while being a homosexual. A multitude of celebrities have expressed their homosexuality. Such as, Jim Parsons, best known as Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, and Anderson Cooper (Celebs). Also there are television shows that contain homosexual roles, such as, Shay Mitchell in

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