Argumentative Literature: Literature Review Of The Body Language

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Literature Review

Barbara Korte argues that, in narrative literature, references to body language are never just throwaway lines. Instead, these instances of nonverbal communication create a body semiotics, an "important signifying system in the literary text" that "contributes to the text's potential significance and effect. Based on a reader's everyday competence to interpret nonverbal communication as well as an acquired literary one, the interpretation of a text's body language gives the reader a useful tool to read, or misread, the individual characters and the interactions between characters.
This language comes from the fields of expression psychology, social psychology, and sociology. Korte, Professor of English literature at the University of Tubingen in Germany, expands the more traditional literary focus on "gesture" or "posture" in order to incorporate the terminology of nonverbal communication,
In 1507,
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As because of short of time we took 3 major factors which we think need to be researched for our project. As conclusion, we found there is a difference between body language of men and women. Most of the people don’t notice about the body language during their presentation or in their office work. But it is very important in our professional as well as in our personal lives. Culture is the most important factor that influences people’s body language and behavior. Everyone learns from their culture and their native background about their behavior and body language that includes gestures everything. Teachers play a big role in learning of people’s body language. As everyone has their idol, someone has teachers as their role model so they learn from them their body language and other behavior. In our Hypothesis, you can see most of the respondents said their body language is influenced by their teachers and their parents or other family members whoever are their role
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