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Argumentative Research Paper I am an average highschool student who has decent grades who is generally in the 3.0-3.5 GPA range. I am not like not like some students who really put in the effort of studying, I will write notes if its an assignment, but I usually go based off on memory at best I’ll go over and read my notes once. If I use the strategies of flashcards, music, and rewriting I will more likely be able to to be successful. Highly effective students create and review flashcards. They will use it for terms and definitions. They use process of elimination, they go through the cards and they makes three piles. Pile one are the cards they know are correct of, Pile two are the cards they are unsure of, and Pile three are the cards they…show more content…
Most that I know who use this strategy listen to music with earbuds and listen to genres like rap. For some students this is beneficial but some it isn't, it depends how and what type of music students listen to. Student who listen to rap usually focus on the words not the work, this makes them more likely to forget. Studies show classical music can be beneficial to students it help relax the mind and body to help it focus, listening to Mozart before studying helps students memories; The Mozart Effect. For me I usually like it quite when I am doing my work but sometimes I am in the mood for music when doing my work. I use this strategy but not all the time while it hasn’t help improve my test scores significantly, It does help me focus and finish my work.(“Do Or Don't: Studying While Listening To Music”) Similarly to flashcards rewriting is an efficient strategy that highly effective students use. They will rewrite terms, formulas, etc. over and over again until they understand and remember it. Studies show students who write their work develop a deeper memory rather than student who dont or type on a computer. I don't typically rewrite all the time because it tedious and time consuming but if I did start making this a habit I know I'll be more likely to remember.(“For More Effective Studying, Take Notes With Pen and
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