Argumentative Speech On Cremation

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Cremation has been used though the ages as a method used by men to accomplish the disposition of human remains. First made popular by the Greeks as it meant setting the soul free, it has been banned as taboo by many but still today it rates its most popular status yet. In America the last taken statistic was between 32 and 40 who favored cremation as an alternative to a burial. This number has quickly risen from a mere 5 percent in 1972, and not without cause. Today we will be talking about cremation and where its future lies. From the pros to the cons, the options today and the alternative options in the future. First lets talk a little about what cremation is. By definition, “The use of high temperature burning, oxidation and…show more content…
Now that we know well what cremation is lets get into some things surrounding it. The Pros There are many pros to choosing cremation, things that vary and have credible value. First lets talk about how inexpensive it can be compared to a burial. The average cost of cremation in the U.S is somewhere between 800 and 3000 dollars. This varies greatly by state and can have many factors such as who is picking up the body, if you are going through a funeral home, do you want to have a viewing ( if so you might need to have the body embalmed which would add a cost) ect. The average cost of a burial is somewhere between 6000 and 12000 dollars also varying in many places. Sometimes just having a less expensive option can make a lot of difference depending on the families individual situation. Other advantages include having a more portable form a lost family member. Something you can take with you should you choose to move or want to even scatter the ashes in a way which honors the deceased. Some might argue that is proves more eco friendly than burials, taking less space in the ground and with the use of less chemicals. The Cons Like all things there are positives and there are the negatives too. Some including not having the option of a second autopsy should the deceased have had a suspicious cause of death. Some might also argue that cremation is not so eco friendly either with the gases being released into the air holding chemicals such as mercury, from

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