Arguments Against Abortion Essay

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The debate on whether abortion should be legal, or illegal has become a controversial topic that has divided the nation into two. The group of people who don’t see anything wrong with the issue refer to their group as pro-choice supporters. Their main belief about abortion is that because a woman’s body belongs to herself it should be up to her on whether she wants to keep a baby or not. Those who are against abortion and feel it should be illegal think of themselves as pro-life supporters. They believe that a fetus becomes human at conception making abortion murder. In other words, they feel abortion is immoral and should be illegal. People shouldn’t view abortion as killing a baby, it’s much more than that. Abortion is an option for…show more content…
Furthermore, when did someone’s personal decision become open to the public to judge? Why should what one woman do to her body be another woman’s concern? Women have the right to their own bodies and should have the choice to treat it how they please. If it’s her body, it’s her choice. “Abortion is not a decision a woman comes to lightly, rather one of careful consideration and extremely difficult thought. Women do not deserve to be punished and slammed with guilt and humiliation for making a choice that should be entirely hers” (Kaleigh-Ann). Therefore, women shouldn’t be punished and crucified by society for what they feel is in best interest of their body and health. Even if they were to take this choice away, you can’t force them to see through a healthy pregnancy. At the end of the day it is the woman who makes these choices that must live with them and that shouldn’t have to involve the opinions of the government or society. In addition, abortions due to birth defects are common but are still difficult on the mother. When a mother chooses to abort her baby because of birth defects is once she has searched for multiple second opinions from various doctors and has considered her options and risks. “It will help later to know you had the information verified by a specialist before proceeding” (“Considering Abortion due to Birth Defects”). As stated above whether a woman gets an abortion is her choice and is done after all options have been
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