Arguments Against Banning Catcher in the Rye Essay

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The Catcher in the Rye

By: JD Salinger

Why The Catcher in the Rye Should Not be Banned

By: Ryan Gash

By: Ryan Gash

There are people who would like to see The Catcher in the Rye banned from our schools because it contains disturbing issues. In my opinion they are overlooking the message that J.D. Salinger was trying to communicate. In this novel, the characters exhibit a wide scope of behaviors from honorable to ignominious. The novel presents issues such as respect for religion, or lack thereof. As though these issues were not enough by themselves, there is also the subject of intolerance of others. How, may you ask, should this novel be allowed in our schools? Well, the answer lies deep within the symbolism of the novel,
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While Holden considers himself somewhat of a "pacifist," he does care enough about certain things in his life that he is willing to fight for them. This devotion should be respected, not frowned upon.

Holden's moral behaviors are not the only things that he should consider improving. Holden also seems to have a lack of respect toward religion. We hear him say that he doesn't really like the twelve disciples but he does like Jesus. He says his reason is because the disciples didn't help Jesus while he was alive. This particular idea of Holden's is totally askew. He evidently has not understood the Bible clearly and therefore his feelings may be derived from his misinterpretations. He also mentions that he considers himself an atheist because religion seems to be too much for him. Holden seems to have had too many negative experiences for him to be able to believe in God. This is all ironic though because when he talks to the nuns he insists upon giving them a $10 donation and attempts to pay for their lunch but they do not allow him to. I believe that Holden truly believes in God and is just waiting until something good happens for him to be able to start having "faith."

Holden's lack of religious knowledge is not the only thing that Holden is intolerant of; he also is intolerant of most people. Holden's lack of respect for nearly

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