Arguments Against Capital Punishment In Canada

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Capital Punishment is a sensitive topic that seems to constantly generate controversy amongst many individuals. To give a little background, capital punishment involves executing a person deemed guilty of a severe crime. Various countries, including America, accept the use of this method. However, other countries such as Canada are strictly against the act due to many reasons. Although some argue that they are the best form of punishment, life imprisonment is the better alternative. It is more humane, improves the financial and social state of the country, and finally is safer. To begin with, life imprisonment is a more humane option. When given a death penalty, the prisoner is left with no other options but to die. As a result, the person…show more content…
In capital punishment, vast amounts of money are wasted before the prisoner is assigned the death punishment. This is a result from the legal case that has to be processed prior to any decision made, which involves confirming if the suspect is indeed guilty. Without a doubt, this would require several months, documents, and lawyers, all requiring tedious effort and time. Due to this, millions of dollars are used in matters that aren’t necessary, whereas the costs of life imprisonment are significantly lower. As well, life imprisonment will positively benefit the social aspect of the community. Since this form of punishment uses less money, millions of dollars would be saved and chosen to go towards new schools, hospitals, technology, and other services in low-income communities. As a result, more opportunities will open to the less fortunate people, lowering the overall poverty and crime rate, as well as improving the education levels of the area. By choosing life imprisonment as the main form of ultimate punishment, the state of the nation will continue to steadily increase as money is saved, and investments are fulfilling its duty of steering the country towards…show more content…
As hard as it may be to choose, life imprisonment is the crowning victor. It promotes the basic right to live, contributes to the financial and social growth of the nation, and finally is a safer decision to choose. When it all comes down to it, everyone deserves to get another chance to redeem themselves. Whether it’s redoing a test, or making up to a person that has been hurt, if having an option to fix mistakes are possible, granting imprisonment for eternity should be one of them. After all, no one would want to die on a bad note if they can manage it; everyone desires to mark a positive impact not only on society, but within

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