Arguments Against Censorship In The Workplace

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Crazy to think that a person’s livelihood can be determined by their handwriting. Even crazier to think that these employers are so biased on who they hire because of how the person's handwriting looks. Many jobs nowadays require proper, legible, and neat handwriting and so if your handwriting isn’t developed to a certain extent you won’t receive the position you’re inquiring. Jobs get harder and harder to receive, but that’s only because the employers are so negative and so old fashioned. I feel as if it’s unjust and incorrect for employers to base the eligibility of the candidate due to something like handwriting Many employers reject employees due to their handwriting which is completely unfair. They tend to use the fact that the employees use…show more content…
The “newer generation uses shortcuts for many things and they have the ability to carry their point across with 140 characters and create clarity with the minimal amount of words. This does not necessarily mean that they are incompetent, it just means that they have adapted to the adjustments around them. In a way the adaptation is similar to natural selection. But because of these company executives and hiring staff, they most likely get turned down or can only get accepted by the lower end jobs that aren’t respectable or dependable. Some may say that schools overlooking the grammar aspect causes the students, who will later become employees will lose their opportunities because they aren’t up to date. It’s not a variable though because the people who create the hiring process only care about the handwriting neatness. It’s doesn’t make sense because the people of the future, the next generation, are to be taught that what they need to know to survive. This causes confusion because these same companies don’t make it clear on what type of employee that they
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