Arguments Against Climate Change

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In Dayton Duncan’s New York Times op-ed “Are We Loving Our National Parks to Death” he brings up the argument about how we are not preserving our national parks like we use to when they were first established. Duncan also tells us that climate change is affecting some of the national parks. Climate change is man made and we need to change our ways or the future generations won't be able to see some of the national parks. Scientists today are more certain, than what they have been in the past, that climate change is man made. Climate change causes natural disasters to happen more frequently and makes them hit harder. Even though there is data that proves that climate change is caused by humans, there are still people who deny it because they…show more content…
Disasters occur naturally, but climate change causes them to be more violent and more unpredictable. Climate change also makes it more likely that a natural disaster will happen. “The kind of surge related flooding that Superstorm Sandy brought to parts of New York City is about 50 percent more likely than it was in 1950” (Borenstein). Flooding on coast lines can be caused by the melting of the polar ice caps. The thing that causes the polar ice caps to melt is the rising temperature of the atmosphere. The melting of the polar ice caps is bad because it raises the level of the ocean. When the level of the ocean is raised it can cause less land to be by the ocean. Another way the rising temperatures of the Earth is catastrophic is the harm it does to some national parks. There are several national parks that are getting hit the hardest. A couple that are affected are Glacier National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park. “Across the West, bark beetles, which thrive on warmer winters, are infesting more and more pine trees, turning once-green hillsides into fire hazards” (Duncan). This is a problem because trees are major producers of oxygen, and they help take the carbon monoxide, that we breath, out of the air. Even though there is a lot of evidence that climate change is man made, there are still people who deny it and say that it occurs…show more content…
They argue this because they either do not want to believe that they are harming the environment, they believe the scientists that say its not man made or they might own a business that might profit off of something that causes greenhouse gases to be realised. “Global warming is a part of a natural cycle and there’s nothing that we can actually do to stop these cycles” (Dowd). Some scientist believe when the Earth gets warmer it is just part of a cycle. They believe this because in the past the Earth has had cycles of cooling and cycles of warming. Some people believe that climate change is natural and it will fix itself as long as we as humans don't interfere with the process. The people that believe climate change is natural and not man made are wrong. They are wrong because there is more evidence that humans are causing climate change. It may be true that the Earth has cycles of ice ages and cycles of the Earth getting warmer, but we are speeding up the process of the heating of the Earth. We are doing this by releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The people that believe that mother nature will fix the problem of climate change may be right but the process of nature balancing itself out would take to long. It would take to long because everytime nature would take a step towards correcting the problem, we as humans would take one step back if we keep up the way we are
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