Arguments Against Dissolving DACA

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Dissolving DACA According to several sources, such as Fox 9 and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, fifthteen states, including Minnesota, are suing the Trump administration over the decision to disband the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This organization helps almost 800,000 children of illegal immigrants to obtain jobs, buy homes, start families, join the military, and so on. Therefore, since DACA was dissolved, major conflicts are erupting within the political system. The Trump administration is the governing body which is putting forth the decision for states to dissolve DACA. In this conflict, one say see how state and the federal government are conflicting against each other. The lawsuit that was filed states that “the Trump administration has violated the Constitution and the Federal Law.” This violates the law by failing to give a notice, or letting the public having a say in the matter. Also, a legal justification was not given, and sensitive information the participants were exposed. Thankfully, there is legal representation on both sides, in order to properly sort out this matter. (As you like to say, “This is good stuff!)…show more content…
Statistic show that ninety-seven percent of DACA members are either in school or the workforce - thanks to this organization. In addition, DACA members will also lose their work permits; therefore, their employer's health benefits as well. The effect will add an increase to the state’s health care cost, which is already expensive. Minnesota will lose about $376.7 million dollars in annual GDP, and an estimated $6.9 million in taxes when people leave the workforce. I believe these facts add up to why disbanding this organization would be bad thing not only for it’s recipients, but also for the entire state and the it’s residents. In the end, one must trust that the Rule of Law will work out for the best interest of
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