Arguments Against Dna Testing

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DNA testing has been around for many years. DNA testing was first used to determine paternity (Schwartz 2016). Today, DNA is not only used in paternity cases, but it is also used in criminal justice. DNA in the criminal justice was first used in 1986 in the United Kingdom. Dr. Alec J. Jeffreys was accused for two rape murders and later proven innocent by DNA testing (The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, 2003). Even if this method is reliable most of the time, there are times where the DNA expert might make a mistake, might be rigged or there might be an unknown bias. Unfortunately, because of this innocent individual are wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit. Dr. Itel Dror wanted to test this theory. In a
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Dror believes that fingerprints are a reliable forensic evidence in today’s trials. He also believes that fingerprints are more reliable than eyewitness testimonies. However, since fingerprints are identified by very highly skilled professional, they are still humans and mistakes can in fact happen either honestly or intentionally. He also stated that in most cases, fingerprint evidence has been more reliable and can be important in order to prove someone’s innocence or find a criminal. I personally, agree with Dr. Dror’s opinion on fingerprint evidence being more reliable than eyewitness testimony. Like he stated on the video, the mind is not like a camera. It does not take a video which we can later see and quickly catch the person responsible for a crime. Another reason of why I agree with Dr.Dror’s, is because the mind is very easy to trick. Memories can be altered just by discussing the subject with someone else, either someone involved in the crime or by being asked leading questions by authorities. Statistics show that 70% of wrongful convictions caused by eyewitness testimony are overturned by DNA testing. (Innocence project, nd). As Dr. Dror said, the DNA expert might make some mistakes, DNA testing is still better and more reliable than eyewitness
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