Arguments Against Drones

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Drones; For or Against?
Privacy; It's a fundamental Human Right to which everyone is entitled to. Well, so is the right to live, then why are these Human Rights being broken? In many predominantly Muslim countries drones are being used for surveillance in areas that are speculated to have terrorist activity. If the people in these areas appear to have acts and or plans of terrorism they are then targeted and killed. If these drones are supposed to target terrorists, why do we have so many civilians being killed in the cross-fire? Drones are used as surveillance in high-risk areas. They are equipped with a camera and missiles. The use of drones for military purposes is a controversial issue with arguments for and against it.

There are many issues surrounding the use of drones, the main one is the scary amount of civilians deaths there are. Between 2009 and 2015 there were “...528 strikes that killed 4,189 persons, an estimated 474 of whom were civilians” (Foreign Policy).
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It's simple really, drones can do what humans do all drones are, are machines that survey and kill “Drones do not capture hard drives, organizational charts, strategic plans, or secret correspondence, and their tactical effectiveness is entirely dependent on the caliber of human intelligence on the ground” (Foreign Affairs). By using drones the US loses the possibility of gaining important and valuable information, “...Washington’s overreliance on drones is that it destroys valuable evidence that could make U.S. counterterrorism smarter and more effective… The United States kills a suspected terrorist, it loses the chance to find out what he was planning, how, and with whom -- or whether he was even a terrorist, to begin with” (Foreign
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