Arguments Against Elective Gender Selection

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Considering the topic of elective gender selection, I find myself erring on the side of Marcy Darnovsky. Thus, I say no, parents should not be allowed to select the sex of their unborn child. First, I feel that the risk associated with the “biopsy or freezing harming the embryo” through such a procedure reveals that it is not justifiable. Additionally, because knowing the sex of an embryo may result in he or she being “created and destroyed,” accepting such happenings would show tolerance for the murder of an innocent life. Nevertheless, my stance is not merely because of ones’ rights or because it is “by its very definition sexist,” it is merely because my convictions tell me that it is scripturally wrong. The preimplantation genetic…show more content…
I stand firm on my belief that God is Creator; therefore, mankind should not attempt to take over that which is up to Him, which includes the life that He chooses to form. Some might argue, that God allowed the technology to be created; thus, He must be okay with it. Nevertheless, I would say that if this is the standard to which we approach decisions in life, one could also state that He allowed mankind to create harmful, debilitating drugs, revealing it must be okay to use them. This logic, in my opinion, is not logic but an attempt to justify that which may not be acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. Our Master did not create us as puppets, but as humans who were given free will, we must remember that per 2 Timothy 2:26, we can find ourselves captured in the devils’ snare, doing “his will.” With this said, I strongly believe that children are a gift from God, not something to be meddled with, altered and made to fit our standards, they are each to be unique according to His design. If as believers we trust in God, we too must not forget that He alone will provide us the desires of our hearts, as in 1 Samuel 1:27, he heard the prayer for a child, and He alone “granted” the request. Therefore, may we have patience, waiting on the Lord to provide that which He
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