Arguments Against Federalism

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During the time of creating our nation's constitution, I will most likely support the anti-federalist. Anti-federalist didn’t hate federalism. They just wanted to improve some of the stuff that is weak at and make it better. They worked to guaranteed more state rights. They believe that the government held too much power due to so many leeways, therefore they argue for a clarification of the constitution to prevent any secret deals. Moreover, they believe that the bills of right should be in the constitution to guarantee people's right. Federalism is the people who support the Constitution as it was and argue for immediate ratification and believe that strong central government would be necessary for the newly developed nation. In the quote, “in the republican government, the…show more content…
the way the government is distributing the power seem too much give and take kind of balance power rather than one having more than the other. It not a healthy relationship but, it’s a dominance relationship. Most of the white men should not be the only one to participate in politics. The reason why most people believe that it wasn’t necessary was that the constitution was made for us and by us that why I thought why do we need something to protect our right from our self. My conclusion is that everything in life like the federalist and the anti-federalist both has pros and cons. Though it seems that the federal government means well in the constitution. Even though they see as an impeccable in the constitution but they failed to notice that the anti-federalist is trying to defend not only the states but, also the citizens of us. I prefer the anti-federalist simply because they try toke make improvement and changes. They had an open minded and wanted the voice of the people to be
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