Arguments Against Genetically Modified Food

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Should people be worried about genetically engineered food? Many people are starting to question what it is exactly that they are eating and how it could possibly harm them. Specifically, the harm that could befall them from GM food. A genetically modified organism is something that received one or more genes from another organism. There are three arguments that the people worried about GM food put on the table; those arguments being: GM food should be labeled, GM foods are not safe to eat, and GM crops won’t end world hunger and feed the whole world.
As of now, the US Food and Drug administration is debating on whether or not to let genetically modified salmon made by a biotech company in Massachusetts be marketed. Many consumers are demanding that if it be approved it must be labelled. However, scientific studies show how there is no noticeable difference between the genetically engineered salmon and the wild salmon, yet labelling it may imply to the consumers that there is, therefore it would only scare away buyers. “The FDA's own rules say that once it is determined that a genetically modified food is not ‘materially significant’ from naturally derived products,
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An example is MRSA, a mutated organism that can’t be killed by most antibiotics. In 2005 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported 18,650 deaths associated with MRSA, however, in recent years over 90,000 Americans die a year. Another reason it needs to be labeled is because it can take many years before the health risks are noticed. An example of this is Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane, DDT, where it took the government nearly 60 years to notice the dangers of it and ban it from being used. It is out of fear of something like this occurring again that “According to a 2001 US Food and Drug Administration report, virtually all participants surveyed in a focus group want GM foods to be
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