Arguments Against Gun Control

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In the last two years, America has suffered two of its deadliest mass shootings. Arguments have risen about whether or not a gun control program should be put in place. Some countries, like Britain, have already been enforcing gun control for many years, and the United States can follow suit. However, it is every American’s right to have the ability to bear arms; a rule written three centuries ago when guns couldn’t shoot more than 1 bullet a minute. There should be gun control in America because it is too easy for unsafe people to get weapons, the US has a long history of gun violence, and other countries have seen success with their gun control programs. Gun control, in its most general definition, is limiting citizens’ ability to purchase, own, or use firearms. Guns have a history of being respected, powerful, yet extremely dangerous tools. Countries who use a gun control program subject people to tests before they make a purchase to make sure that they have a simple grasp on gun safety. Others completely restrict the purchase of guns all together. In America, the second amendment of the Constitution states that all men have the right to bear arms. This means that any U.S. citizen can legally own a gun. Recently, a large amount of US citizens argue about the nature of the second amendment, and argument lead to discussion about gun control.
First and foremost, the necessity for gun control in America can be attributed to how easy it is to obtain a firearm in the

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