Arguments Against Hydraulic Fracturing

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Hydraulic fracturing or fracking, which it is more commonly known by, is a method used to retrieve oil and gas out of shale rock. This is a very effective way to retrieve oil and is now a very commonly used method to retrieve oil. This method is responsible for about a quarter of the United States oil production. The problem is that there are possible health concerns to this method but this technique is used all over the United States and has opened doors to retrieving oil that was not possible almost a decade ago. So should the U.S. continue hydraulic fracturing even though there are environmental and health concerns? Fracking is worth the risk because if the U.S. stopped fracking they would have to become more dependent on another country,…show more content…
needs to continue to produce oil by fracking because if not then another country will have more power over them because they control the United States oil supply. This would make it to where the United States had to import more oil and probably still have to purify it so that it is of the top quality to go into the United States market. This would raise the price of oil all over the country making gas prices go up and eventually affecting the whole economy. Then the United States would have no oil and the economy would be suffering from a lack of jobs from a quarter of the oilfield being shut down as well as higher gas prices which slows travel down. With higher gas prices people do not travel as much and hotels, airlines, and many other industries will be suffering from it. The United States already imports oil from unstable countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Syria and Iraq. By importing from these countries the U.S. is helping support the regimes in those countries. If the U.S. cuts out 25% of their current at home oil source they would be opening a door to support countries not on their side as well as hurting their own…show more content…
That is not confirmed and no studies have proved that. The Energy Department did yet another study on if groundwater is affected and the results came back negative. “NETL found no evidence of drinking water contamination in a 2013 study of Pennsylvania gas wells” (cite here) “The Environmental Protection Agency has failed to link fracking to groundwater contamination on three separate occasions.”(cite here) There have also been other government studies with no evidence that fracking is the cause for groundwater contamination. Therefore this is not a very valid reason to put fracking to a
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