Arguments Against Male Birth Control

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Since 1899, the array of male birth control options had been limited to Vasectomies, abstinence, withdrawal, or condoms. The method of withdrawal has a low success rate, condoms are seen as uncomfortable during sex, and vasectomies are too permanent. Withdrawal and abstinence are the oldest forms of male contraceptives and before female birth control and condoms, the only form of contraceptive. Vasectimes are effective at stoping sperm form leaving the testical, but the procedure is done by surgery and is permanent. In contrast to the hundreds of flexible and effective birth control for women, males options are meager at at best. The ideal birth control for both genders involves a long lasting contraceptive, minimal to no side effects, and…show more content…
Due to the amount of sperm that a male can produce, it is highly improbable to keep every sperm from reaching its final destination. To give assurance to the Female partner of the Male’s faithfulness in self injecting or ingesting of a pill, Drug companies should also market a test so women can confirm a man's sperm count (Alexander). There should be a form of at-home testing to prove the drug's effectiveness, before it can be considered reliable. On major problem is marketing an additional product with the birth control, and decreased libibo after sperm test. With female birth control, there is no need to test because the effects are so well known and have been studied since the 60’s. Until there is a mainstream and constant form of male birth control, these tests should become additions to the purchase of such birth control. In early 2004, a clinical trial was held by the drug companies Schering and Organon, 350 European men were a part of the most advanced male contraceptive trial of the 21st century (Hutson). Coming into the 21st century, an international effort was being made to produce a safe and effective male birth control. Since the nineties there's officially begin to have serious initiative towards the search for a safe and effective male contraceptive. With this study being one of the most advanced, their leaves little room for error and…show more content…
The model for male birth control has been based on previous female birth control models.“A study in Indonesia that employed both Depo-Provera, a progestin used as a contraceptive in women, and one form of testosterone resulted in a zero sperm count”(Alexander).The common long-term female birth control, Depo-Provera, it's now being used in trials as a form of male contraceptive. Depo-Provera is a combination of synthetic female hormones to create medroxyprogesterone acetate, or simulate progestin. This tried-and-true method along with an injection of testosterone leads to males resulting in zero sperm count. After 2 month of injections, progestin stops the production of sperm (Hutson). The Progesterone is a female synthetic steroid that is used to thicken the mucus in the uterus not allowing the sperm to travel to the egg. In men the effect, combined with testosterone, stops the productions of sperm. Side effects to this method are mood swings, depression, and mild pain at injection site. The hormones in the injections, override the current hormones that are producing sperm, and overload the system decreases then eventually stop the production of sperm. The effective rate is 98 percent, comparable to the Female version of contraceptives (Hudston).The rate of female birth control effectiveness is 99%. It is easier in the human physiology to keep one
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