Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

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Same-sex marriage has been an issue of discussion for long in the United States even after its legalization. Some people have argued against its legalization by saying that it is what the bible defines as marriage. The other argument against the issue is that it is against the human morals. Gays, as well as lesbian organizations, have been pushing for its legalization for a long period through the expression of their sexuality predilections. Same-sex marriage required the legalization because due to its importance in ensuring the society view on the gay and lesbian associations’ changes and also to enable children who are born same-sex couples are recognized as citizens of the United States legally. The other reason for the legalization is that sex-same marriages should enjoy legal rights similar to those enjoyed by the heterosexuals. The United States Supreme Court has already ruled out in support of same-sex marriage after an extensive legal procedure. Based on the ruling, all the couples are entitled to the right of marriage may it be same-sex or the opposite sex. The law on the same-sex marriage has gone through detailed discussions,involving many different legal parties. Historically the law on the same-sex marriage has taken many years with different parties battling its litigation (Pinello, 2016). The civil right had the idea that same-sex couples ought to have same benefits as the heterosexual couples. Indeed, they must have same legal protection, this has been

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