Arguments Against Selective Breeding

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Selective breeding also could cause a decrease in biodiversity due to inbreeding. Inbreeding is the production of breeding between closely related individuals [2] and is used as it increases the chance of having favourable alleles and desirable phenotypes in the offspring. However, due to the individuals close genetic relations to one another this can cause many problems for the biodiversity of the population of dairy cows. Traits that may be disadvantageous now will be continuously chosen against during genomic selection and embryo transfer as the DNA is being scanned and checked for undesirable traits. However, this disadvantageous trait may become an advantageous trait in the future but it will be lost through the generations of selective breeding against it and are difficult to get back. As a result, this affects the evolution of the species as a whole because they develop and change to suit the desirable traits chosen which results in the undesirable traits being lost altogether.…show more content…
This is possible during genomic selection and embryo transfer because we can scan and evaluate the DNA of both the individuals to be bred together and also the embryos created so that we can look for deformities and undesirable traits. These individuals or embryos will then be eliminated from the reproduction process. This is advantageous because even if the dairy cow offspring produced has all of the desirable traits of being a dairy cow (e.g. large udder, high quality milk) but also has a disease, they will die before being able to be biologically successful and pass on their desirable genes. Therefore, this is a positive implication for the health of the
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