Arguments Against The Death Penalty

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In the past, public executions were used as a form of entertainment. While they are no longer made public, executions have remained as a form of punishment in many states. The most commonly used method of executing the accused is lethal injection, however, death by firing squad, electrocution, and hanging is still legal in some states. Capital punishment accomplishes nothing more than taking one more life out of the world. Such strong moral objections bring in to question why such an outdated method of dealing with criminals is still legal in thirty-one states. The death penalty is an archaic form of punishment that needs to be eradicated as it is overly expensive, unfair, and has lead to the loss of innocent lives.
People may attempt to argue that the death penalty should remain because it is more cost effective than the alternative of life in prison without parole, however, this is not the case. Many studies have been done in states that still employ the death penalty as a method of punishment. They have all found capital punishment to be significantly more expensive than alternatives, such as life in prison without chance of parole. “In Maryland, a comparison of capital trial costs with and without the death penalty for the years concluded that a death penalty case costs "approximately 42 percent more than a case resulting in a non-death sentence"”(“The Case Against the Death Penalty.”). Another study found that, “On average, Oklahoma capital cases cost 3.2 times more
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