Arguments Against Transgender Stereotypes

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A boy named Samuel grew up with a gender that he wasn’t comfortable with. So, when Samuel was the age of 18, he had a transformation to Samantha. It wasn’t easy for Samantha to do so. She faced a great deal of not being accepted by her peers or even her family. There are many people like Samantha out there. They have been facing judgement and barriers to have equal rights, for many years and don't seem to be giving up any time soon. "Transphobia is not going away anytime soon. For every Lavenne Cox there are still far too many Leelah Alcoms" stated New Republic contributor Eric Sasson. He pointed out how there is always going to be those who are against the transgender movement, though they should never give up. Transgender people have been…show more content…
Transsexualism started with a few men that were trying to be different from the others. Magnus and Benjamin were the first surgeons to perform gender altering surgeries. They changed the world forever and will help many that are uncomfortable with their gender, for centuries. Since then, there have been groups have collectively researched to see the different viewpoints of people. The Huffington Post took a survey, asking many different questions to see how people feel about transsexuals. Overall the results were that more people supported transsexuals. Surveys like this are great ways to influence how we should move forward with the transgender movement. Along with that, a lot of people get blurred when it comes to the line between L, G, B, and T. "The transgender population has not received anywhere near the same cultural exposure as the gay community. 'For more and more people, gays and lesbians do not seem strange—but the idea of denying them rights does,' Gray wrote. "Such a breakthrough seems unlikely for the transgender movement…. There are only around 700,000 transgender people in the United States, compared with around eight million gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. They are invisible in a way that other minorities are not.'" (Transgender Rights: Should federal, state, and local governments take steps to protect transgender rights? 3) That is one of the biggest reasons why transsexuals don't get their rights. People just compare how different transsexuals are worse. Through all of the years of controversy over Transgenders, there have been people that picked up the idea and have supported this vastly moving
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