Arguments Against Universal Health Care

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Welfare State Lastly, another popular stance among the opposition is that universal health care is nothing more than welfare, and therefore freeloading off the government. That people who didn’t have insurance weren’t properly preparing and deserve what they get. The examples given in support for this are that only those citizens who are lazy or unwilling to work would ask for such a handout from the government, or that an uninsured citizen didn’t make positive life choices and should get what they deserve. These arguments are difficult to argue against because they are erroneous. While there is a chance that a small amount of the population will fall into the category of lazy and unwilling to work, the number of Americans in need that would benefit from the system would be greater. Also, the people who they assume would abuse the system would already be abusing the current welfare or Medicaid systems. As for those who didn’t properly prepare, poverty stricken families that are unable to afford insurance shouldn’t be continuously punished by keeping a system that doesn’t afford them a fair chance to flourish.
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Benefits such as improved public health, an equal level of healthcare for all citizens, as well as financial benefits both to individual citizen and possible stimulation in the private business sector of the economy. The short term issues such as long wait times and a complicated paperwork system will be virtually eliminated with time, and the benefits such as a true moral compass, equal opportunity for all citizens, and improved public health are invaluable. Finally, while the cost of such a system might seem expensive in regards to higher taxes or national debt, the outcomes gained would be
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