Arguments For Animal Testing

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Testing on animals has been a thing for so many years now. In fact, many scientists believe it should be done before human testing. But with it being around for so long, it has become a subject of controversy. People around the world share their views and opinions about whether it's really necessary, and some even question if the process is even ethical. While it is sad that animals have to come to terrible fates,the process of animal testing is absolutely essential to test the safety of products. Besides the obvious benefit, which is that animal testing saves lives, results are generated quicker with animal testing, so diseases can be cured faster. Sometimes the illnesses cured can affect animals too, so humans aren’t the only ones benefited. Animals are also benefited by the guidelines put in place by the Animal Welfare Act, which makes sure that animals are treated fairly during the testing process. All in all animal testing is without a doubt crucial to test products that save both human and animal lives.

Before putting a product out in the world scientist have to first make sure it is safe for people to use. To do this they have to test it on a living being. As said before most scientists prefer to do animal testing first. They are able to do this because animals and humans are very similar we have the same organ systems that do the same things in roughly the same way. In the article, Animal Testing Saves by Nicholas Clark, Clark quoted,“animals are genetically

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