Arguments For Favor Of Marriage

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Her arguments in favor of marriage, though demonstrating a hearty common sense, are also suspect -- while it is true that marriage peoples the earth and replenishes existing stocks of "virginitee", her own marriages do not seem to have produced any offspring, and while it may be her marriages, despite her claim that, do not seem to have prevented her from which is after all what marriage was, according to her, supposed to prevent.

Moreover, from the account she gives of her marriages, it becomes increasingly obvious that marriage (with her, at least) is not quite so beneficial as one might think -- the only benefit the husbands get, in exchange for their "purgatorie", is that of her with the possible exception of Jankin, who satisfied her better than but it is worth observing that she never speaks of the sexual act as giving the male partner pleasure on the contrary, she speaks of the husband 's "dette" to his wife,
Also, while she claims Biblical support for her views on marriage, the support that she cites is conveniently edited to suit her purposes (for example, Solomon did have 700 wives and 300 concubines -- but his appetites led to his turning away from God; and the marital relationship specified in the Bible is a reciprocal one rather than the one-sided one she speaks of, tilted in favour of the wife -- she conveniently ignores that while the he also exhorts women to love their husbands), and she elsewhere ignores the Bible when it proves difficult to "glose"
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