Arguments For Illegal Immigration

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Homer is a very small town in Alaska, during this time Alaska was voting for illegal immigration.
Ben was trying to decide whether or not Homer had this right to vote on illegal immigration since it had no experience on the issue he wanted to make sure he didn't use his emotions but to gain knowledge on it. Ben went asking homer citizens on their experience meeting illegal immigrants. He also looked into the immigrant issues, and looking at terrorists attacks. Afterwards keeping an open mind and looking at both sides of the argument. He realized that most right winged sources were making false stories branched off one main branch.Most Alaskans have never heard of or met an illegal immigrant. The police office also reported that homer is not a place any immigrant would want to go to.
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He explained that the “New Year Horror” did occur but that the facts were ultimately skewed to paint the crimes more harshly than they actually occurred. For example there weren’t 2000 rapes but rather 2000 crimes that consisted of theft of purses or phones, violence but rarely sexual assault and or r*pe. Damein even opened Ben’s eyes by showing him how most crime rates include the act of crossing a border illegally not necessarily violent crimes or that most migrant crimes are migrant on migrant. I was raised a conservative republican. Even in 5th grade I didn’t believe in gay marriage which is ironic now since I’m bi. In sixth grade I began to realize that the republican party cares very little for the poor, my views started to slowly coincide with the democratic party. In 7th grade I came to terms with liking girls. Over the years I’ve become less of the person I once was. I’ve changed from capitalist views to socialist communist views, ultimately i decided to register with the Green
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