Arguments For Newman 's Idea

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Rong Rong(Esther) Professor John Q. Davis Eng 1A 25 Sep 2015 Arguments for Newman’s Idea Why do people go to college? Why do people get educated? The well-known figure of Catholicism in the 19th century, John Henry Newman gives us an answer. Newman “sees tremendous value in education that exists solely for the sake of imparting knowledge and fostering inquiry. This kind of knowledge, for Newman, lies at the heart of a university”(Newman 32). Newman considers this kind of education as liberal. Furthermore, Newman claims that college education should be detached from practical purposes, and it should cover “branches of knowledge” (Newman 31). In another words, Newman insists that universities should adopt…show more content…
Newman ignores to put himself in students’ shoes. He ignores students’ enthusiasm for exploring the fields that they are interested in, and students’ hopes for surviving in societies with the practical knowledge they learn in colleges. A large number of students are interested in their majors and thus, would be willing to explore the majors through learning. These kinds of students have specific learning objectives, and devote most of their time in the fields they are interested in. If they are compelled to give up their majors, and spend all four years taking general courses, they will definitely feel negative, frustrated, and even lose their original enthusiasm to learn. Take art students in our college as an example. It is so common that some of the art students dislike or dread mathematics which they consider unrelated to art. Fortunately our college only requires art students to take lower mathematics courses. What will happen after the adoption of the new system? The art students will be forced to take college calculus course or more difficult ones after they take the easier ones. As a result, not only do these students divide more time to mathematics, but they also face huge pressure in learning mathematics. It is not an exaggeration to say that the power, the enthusiasm and the dream of these students will be deprived by the new system if it is adopted. In contrast, the current system of education allows students to stop exploring the field they dislike,
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