Arguments For The Murder Of Animals

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Many animals all across the United States of America, such as pigs, chickens, turkeys, and cattle, are being slaughtered food in manmade factories with more than inadequate conditions provided while raising these animals. It is a moral outrage what is being done each day. Ethically there is an argument that is long lasting through years of philosophers and ethicists studies which continuously brings about the question is it morally and ethically okay for humans to annihilate other species for their own benefit. And if so is it morally right for these animals to be kept in inhumane conditions until they are slaughtered. Three ethicists with influential reasoning and intense thought and research have claimed what they believe is morally acceptable. Rene Descartes claims that animals are not conscious beings therefor one should not feel morally bad for the slaughter of animals in farms since they aren’t aware of actions happening around them. Descartes presented this claim in the 17th century and it was the first recorded argument one had against animals being conscious (Inter). The next ethicist that makes good argument for the murder of animals is Immanuel Kant. Kant claims animals are un-able to perform acts of good will. Therefor animals do not have intrinsic value so it isn’t wrong to murder animals (Inter). Peter Singer is another ethicist that makes a good argument on why we should feel morally wrong in the murder of millions of animals. Singer claims that
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