Arguments In Favor Of Animal Testing In The United States

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Animal Testing Everybody in the world is dropping like flies around you. Don’t you wish you would of done something? Animal testing is what we use to get our preventions and medicines for illnesses. We test on animals because otherwise, we would be tested on. Some people believe that this is evil because animals have rights. If we didn't use animals for testing, we could put harmful medicines and vaccinations in our body that would do more harm than good. Animal testing should continue to be a part of our country, because it will help us cure illnesses, it won't let us become the lab rats, and it will help our country grow in the long run. To start off, if we keep animal testing then we will be able to cure more illnesses and diseases. Most…show more content…
If you take away the testing on animals, many bad things may occur such as, we won’t be able to make new medicines and that means we won’t be able to help the people with poor health. Another example of what could happen if animal testing is taken away is, you could end up giving the same rights to animals as humans.(Saleton 21) Also, we would be putting harmful medicines that we don’t know what they do into our bodies. By doing this we would be doing more harm than good. The testing on animals helps with psychological knowledge. By this, we now know things that will help us as a country. If we know these things our country will be able to do things that will help us in the next year's.(“Animal Experimentation”) By not becoming the ones being tested on, people are going to stay safer and they could stay healthier in the…show more content…
According to “Medical Progress Depends on Animal Research”, “Animal research is a key component of work underway to address the threat that terrorist may one day use a biological agent in the United States.”(Chenes 11) If terrorists were to attack or get into the United States, they could possibly bring diseases that the U.S. citizens are not immune. Because of this, animal research is making vaccines for the diseases in other countries. We now know how bad some things like pollution and radiation are because of some of the animal testing.(Britannica) Since we know this, we can start to stop and slow down these things, so they don’t get too bad for the long run. By keeping animal testing around, many good things will come out of it. If we get rid of it, more bad than good will
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