Arguments Of Cultural Relativism

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Cultural Relativism What is Culture Relativism? Well, according to James Rachels, Cultural Relativism is a theory that implicates that there is no right or wrong way to go about things, it is all based off personal beliefs and one’s culture. With that being said, every culture has different moral codes. There are no universal truths. Different societies have different moral codes. The moral code of a society determines what is ethically right within that particular society. For example, if the moral code of a society says the action is right, then that action is right, but only within the society that goes by that standard. Although Rachels argues a good point about why Cultural Relativism is ethical, there are some arguments that…show more content…
This means that neither is right or wrong because it’s strictly a matter of opinion and belief rather than a law or rule. Many people would find the customs of others unjust, but who are we to say what’s right or wrong? A strength of this theory would be keeping an open mind to the different value systems that are out there. This would constitute as a strength because it allows for us to be more accepted and respected. If we can consider other people’s feelings and try to understand their beliefs, we can maintain a more positive reputation. We all form opinions and beliefs based off things we witness and hear, but sometimes those feelings can be put to the test. In the media, today you will come to find that White Supremacists are homophobic and disagree with same sex marriage or the idea of one transitioning to the opposite sex or that they hate black people or people of color. We may form an opinion based off our personal beliefs from the bias and influence of others. But if you truly think about it, we can come to the conclusion that it is acceptable and okay for other people to be different. Because of our passion and the strength in our values that we hold, we often find it hard to be accepting of what other have to offer, and we don’t see ourselves as being discriminating, when truthfully, we really are just being judgmental. We’re so focused and set in our own
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