Arguments On Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana There are various arguments poised in the paper on the reasons why marijuana should be legalized and for having extensive government policies that would ensure the medical use of marijuana is highly regulated and medically beneficial to the people who need it to alleviate the suffering and pain. Here marijuana has been looked at in a positive light rather than in a negative aspect. One of the sound arguments is on the medical grounds; there has never been any proven death from marijuana as it has been on alcohol and tobacco hence it is a fallacy classifying them together. The paper also points out to the possible increase in the access and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes as compared to the other pharmaceutical drugs that are expensive to buy and some not easily accessible even if the money is available. It is indicated that it would be cheaper and easier to produce and process in the varied forms through which it can be taken. The herb is also highlighted as a non-addictive as compared to the other drugs with which it is bundled like cigarette and alcohol. It is also indicated that with the regulations that will be put around it once it is legalized, then it will even be harder to have people abuse the drug. The counterargument that there are toxic substances in the smoke is nullified by the fact that there are varied ways and forms that can be used for the intake of the drug for instance to be infused in butter, baked foods,
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