Arguments Supporting Nutrition For Pc

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Arguments supporting nutrition for PC (benefits) Nutrition has an important role in meeting the body’s physical requirements as well as social, cultural and psychological needs (Holmes, 2011). For many, food is closely related to family and culture (Holmes, 2011). Strong connections exist among memory and emotion in regards to food (Holmes, 2011). Often times, certain rituals involving eating are more meaningful than the food itself (Holmes, 2011). Holmes (2011) suggests, “food may signify prosperity, health, strength, or love, or be seen as a form of sharing and caring, instilling feelings of belonging in the sense of family and social events” (p. 32). Daily activities are usually planned to incorporate meal times (Holmes, 2011). Subsequently, to remove eating out of one’s daily routine can lead to a lack of structure in one’s life. Inability to eat can lead to seclusion from events involving food can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection from loved ones (Holmes, 2011). Therefore, it is important for one to be able to participate in meals in order to avoid depressive symptoms, which may cause a further decrease in appetite (Holmes, 2011). Nutritional support can relieve symptoms including fatigue, depression, and social detachment, as well as decrease the risk of developing infections and pressure ulcers, among other potential complications (Holmes, 2011). Prevention of malnutrition is easier than reversal (Holmes, 2011). In any case, it is important to respect

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