Arguments against the Use of School Uniforms

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Uniforms School uniforms in England were first introduced during the occupation of King Henry VII. England is mostly known for their school uniforms even though British people are not very interested, in fact they spend less money on clothes than the people of many European countries. Although, the school uniforms are part of the British image, many individuals oppose the use of school uniforms. The British is mostly known for their clothes, more specifically the school uniforms, it is one of their dress code. Britain has influenced many countries to make school uniforms compulsory. Many continents like Africa and Asia were forced while they were being colonized by Britain to make school uniforms compulsory. Both the public and private schools are required to have its won colures, styles and the dress code most not be neglected. When students are shown or exposed to the positive sides of having school uniforms, they become more responsible students but do school uniforms contravenes the student rights to self- expression. The most typical arguments against school uniforms are that students are not allowed to choose what they want to wear. The students are limited, and there is no other way for self-expression. The only way for modern students to become unique and different from each other, is by having different clothes and not school uniforms. Unfortunately, school uniforms make everybody look almost the same. Many parents even complain about the

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