Arguments for the New National Hockey League Rules

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Arguments for the New National Hockey League Rules

On July 22, 2005, the National Hockey League Board of Governors approved a number of changes to the rules of the National Hockey League (NHL). These rule changes were imposed to place a purposeful need on the League to emphasize competition, players’ skills, and an entertainment value to the game of ice hockey. These changes were reported, formulated, and brought to the Board of Governors by a Competition Committee. The Competition Committee was comprised of four general managers, four hockey players, and one owner. The general managers chosen were: Don Waddell of Atlanta, Kevin Lowe of Edmonton, Bob Gainey of Montreal, and David Poile of Nashville. The NHL players on the committee
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This is true for most hockey fans. They like to see a lot of action in an NHL game shootout to determine the winner of a game. This new rule will keep many people from turning off their televisions at home and keep the average fan interested. The Fewer Stoppages, Increased “Flow” rule states, “Passes from behind the defensive blue line to the attacking blue line will be considered legal. The center red line will be ignored for the purpose of the two-line pass,” as stated on the NHL FAQ’s webpage. ( Before the change of this rule, a player was not allowed to make a pass from behind the defensive blue line to the attacking blue line without a stoppage of play. The ability to make a two-line pass gives teams an easier opportunity for transitions in the neutral zone. Whereas before, a player had to make short cookie-cutter passes through the neutral zone and not many scoring opportunities were available. The opportunity for odd man rushes is more evident also. Under this new rule, players and fans are more likely to see 2-1 without the red line. This puts a well-needed pressure on defensemen, and a defensive player will show more of his skating and passing talents. “It will increase the value of the mobile defenseman,” stated the respectable General Manager of the Buffalo Sabers, Darcy Regier.
It has taken some time to adapt to the new NHL rules, both watching the game and playing the
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