Argyle Communication Theory

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For this assignment I will be discussing the key features of theories of communication from Argyle’s stages of communication cycle and SOLER theory which is a non-verbal communication developed by Egan. Argyle’s Stages of The Communication Cycle When ideas occur, this means that you get an idea about what you want to communicate to the other person. When the message is coded this means that you need to observe the person body language to consider how you are going to communicate your message to them for example, this could be by speaking, writing or communicating non-verbally or through body language. For the message sent, this is where you send the message in whatever form you decided to communicate in. For the message received, this is where the other person will receive your message in the way they prefer. Then for the message decoded, this is when the receiver decoded and breaks down the message so they can understand what has been communicated – this could involve a period of silence while the think about it. For the message understood, this is the stage when the receiver has understood the message that was sent. Ideas Occur This stage is when you think of what you would like to communicate and who you would like to communicate it to. This will depend on the situation you are in and how you want to deliver the message. Also, it will depend on who you are going to be communicating with because if they have hearing difficulties then you would have to perhaps deliver the
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