Aric W Hall Leadership Development Plan

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i PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN For ARIC W HALL Completed in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of OM 7170 – The Developing Leader Capella University August, 2004 Address: City, State, Zip: Phone: E-Mail: Instructor: Ina von Ber, PhD ii Abstract Title Personal Leadership Development Plan for Aric W Hall Abstract This leadership development plan is tailored for its author and is not a research paper in the traditional sense. The author begins with his personal framework for leadership. Included are the results of several leadership assessment tools, information from coaching and personal feedback, and insights into the author’s goals for career and leadership development. The report concludes with a few thoughts…show more content…
A leader must be positive, have a servant’s heart, follow-through, exhibit growth potential, by loyal, be resiliency, have integrity, see the big picture, be disciplined, and express gratitude (Maxwell, 1995). A leader realizes that he cannot win an argument (Carnegie, 1936). A leader must speak in terms of the follower’s interest and sincerely make him an integral contributor to the organization (Carnegie, 1936). There must be a willingness to understand others and an appreciation for differences in an organization (Maxwell, 2003b). I see myself as being likeable and agreeable. I try to get along with others, just as I try to build relationships with others. I am strongest in matters of values, character, and ethics. I think as an introvert about matters that will affect other people. I take pride in other people and see myself as being on this earth to serve other people. We do not get there alone. I tend to be motivated by challenging opportunities. Sometimes I want to do too much, like when I enroll in multiple degree programs. In some organizational settings I am motivated by a fight. I seem attracted to fights to defend my personnel, my organization, or to uphold the law. I am motivated internally or intrinsically to make a difference. I strive to help people, stop Hall, p. 4 crime, fight corporate corruption, and anything else that is unethical. I have seen a trend in my life
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