Ariel Act 1 Scene 1

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There are many tools that a director and actor can use to change how a scene is played out without changing the meaning of the scene. These tools allow them to add artistic flare to a scene to make a common story unique by adding special effects or simply changing the character’s composure. By making subtle changes to tone, mood and body language, an actor can change the meaning of a scene from one of joy to one of scorn. A director can make changes to a scene by adding special effects or changing the background and location of a scene. In Scene 2 of Act 1, the exchange between Ariel in Prospero can be interpreted in many different ways. The scene most obviously depicts a master-subject relationship in which Ariel is the inferior subordinate.…show more content…
When asking Prospero for freedom, if the actor depicting Ariel changes his tone to be submissive as if groveling and uses body language that signifies the same, such as looking away and at the floor and shrinking away, there will be no doubt that Prospero is in charge because of his power over Ariel. Furthermore, the director could emphasis the control over Ariel by adding special effects to the scene where Prospero freezes, or otherwise controls Ariel, as he scolds him. By adding this extra form of control, it solidifies the fact that Prospero indeed controls Ariel by force rather than by coercion. Additionally, the director could add an element to the scene where Prospero begins to encase Ariel in a tree, as he threatens, to show Ariel and the audience that it is possible for Prospero to do and it is not just empty threats. By using the tools at their disposal, it is simple for the director and cast to show that Prospero maintains control over Ariel because he is a powerful figure capable of destroying Ariel if he
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