Aries As A Royal Phoenix

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Aries was a royal Phoenix, royal Phoenix remember their life as a Phoenix and the memories carried over. Along with their powers. Meaning it carried over into their next lives. She was turning 500 years old and sweeping the floor as always.

"Geez your such a hard worker." (Flora)

Nobles and royal females were priestesses. The ratio of female to males for Phoenix were a 50:2. Only the royals were pure breed without missing with other races. She smiled at Flora, all Phoenixes had photographic memories. By nature Aries loved to help people, she was gentle, kind, caring and responsible. She was the 1st eldest among her 14 siblings. She had raised most of them from a young age like a mother would. Ridus her only male sibling was cast out for being
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She disliked killing in general. She'd cry before even thinking of it, if she saw a injured monster she'd use healing magic instead. Aries taught children how to read, right and how to defend themselves. Rather the masses were on her side, feeling threaten the elders wanted to rid themselves of her. But her reputation was too clean and she was kind to others.

She'd deny any and all requests they send her way to get rid of her by having her kill. What they didn't expect was her stubbornness and resolution to stick to it to the end. Never harming others. She was too kind and would never seek revenge.

A arrow hit her close to her heart as she got herself out of shock and confusion. She didn't know who wanted her gone nor why'd they go so far to taint her name with killing a noble house she didn't even know or see. Aries changed into her Phoenix form and flew away. Her flying didn't get her too far from the floating island as she was injured and came crashing down instead.

"I who did nothing but help others is betrayed by those I cared for. Framed for a crime that anyone smart enough would notice that I didn't do so. Those without a clear head would attack me on sight."

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