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Assignment 1 & 2
Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice


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The contexts in which education and training are provided 3 - 6
In the lifelong learning sector

Theories, Principles and Models of Curriculum Design on Inclusive learning and 7- 11
Teaching in our learning environment. References 12

1. Understand contexts in which education and training are provided in the lifelong learning sector
Kelly, A.V. (2004) Defines curriculum as all the learning which is planned and guided by the school, weather it is carried out in a group or individually, inside or outside.
This definition
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It is an attempt to describe the work observed in classrooms. Finally, within limits, a recipe can be varied according to taste - so can a curriculum.
Stenhouse shifted the ground a little bit here. He was not saying that curriculum is the process, but rather the means by which the experience of attempting to put an educational proposal into practice is made available.
When we come to think about this way of approaching curriculum, a number of possible problems do arise. The first is a problem for those who want some greater degree of uniformity in what is taught. This approach to the theory of curriculum, because it places meaning-making and thinking at its core and treats learners as subjects rather than objects, can lead to very different means being employed in classrooms and a high degree of variety in content. As Stenhouse comments, the process model is essentially a critical model, not a marking model.
The major weakness and strength of the process model is that it rests upon the quality of teachers; also the approach is dependent upon the cultivation of wisdom and meaning-making in the classroom. If the teacher is not up to this, then there will be severe limitations on what can happen educationally.
There have been some attempts to overcome this problem by developing materials and curriculum packages that focus more closely on the "process of discovery" or "problem-solving", for example in science. But there
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