Aristo Interactive Geography Book 2 Question Bank Chapter1

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Section 1 Weather and climate – do they matter?
Data Based Questions

Study the following newspaper and then answer the questions.

|2009 among the hottest years in Hong Kong history |
|With an average temperature of 23.50C, 2009 was probably the ninth-hottest years in Hong Kong Observatory's records.|
| |
|The past decade has been the hottest decade in the city's history. The Observatory attributed this to global warming|
|and dense urban development. |
|The past decade has
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Up to 30 cm of snow fell in the capital and nearby Tianjin on Saturday and Sunday, which |
|was the biggest snowfall in January in the region in more than 50 years. Temperatures in Beijing were expected to |
|drop to -16oC today, the coldest in the capital in decades. In China’s coldest region of Heilongjiang province, |
|-36 oC was recorded. |
|With a Siberian cold front approaching, temperatures might drop to a historic low of between -20 and -32oC in |
|Hebei province and Inner Mongolia on Tuesday and Wednesday, as forecast by the Central Meteorological |
|Administration. |
|4 January 2010 |

A news reporter at the airport

A news reporter in the city

a. What was the cause of the snow storm? (1 mark) _________________________________________________________________ b. With reference to an altas, shade and label the provinces/regions that were affected by the snow storm on the map below. (2 marks)
c. The figure below is a climatic graph of Beijing. Comment whether the

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