Aristocrat Mission Statement

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An organization’s mission statement is the focal purpose of a company existence and assistances in directing the entire operation into accomplish this objective (TEXT). This statement and the subsequent goals is a direct determinant of rather the company will be prosperous or misaligned into the future. The ultimate mission of Aristocrat is to become the leading global supplier of technologically advanced electronic gaming machines. This overall undertaking relates to the organization’s purpose, which is creating the world’s greatest gaming experience every day (REF 1). This global mission is the chief driver in the creation of strategic goals that the company implements. In order to become the leading supplier and provide the greatest…show more content…
First, one must understand Class II gaming which is a game based on bingo that has been approved by the Federal government to be used in Indian-owned locations for which, federal and state governments are unable to tax. The existing framework of these machines is typically leased-based where the Casinos borrow the machines and a portion of the takings back to the supplier. Furthermore, Aristocrat and VGT, currently comprise more than 60% of the market share in the Class to arena, but this is strong dependent on existing mechanical-based machines meaning that the display is based on physically reels spinning and stopping. The advancement of the video-based games would allow for Aristocrat to expand their market reach and increase revenue and the number of leased machines. While this goals have been defined, they are reliant on effective and efficient research and development activities and first-rate sales operations. In order to become an employer of choice, Aristocrat has opted to perform ongoing compensation studies to ensure that salaries are at or better than the market. Furthermore, Aristocrat has attempted to trend towards allowing all levels of employees to provide input in their departmental and the global company goals. The main department and processes that need to be implement to ensure that this targets are reached are centered around the Human Resource (HR) department. Without an effective and efficient HR department these objectives would certainly fall at the waist
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