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Review 5 - Pistoleras

About Pistoleras

Pistoleras is the latest offering from the powerhouses down at Microgaming and as you would expect this game is loaded with everything and more. Set on a wild wild west background Pistoleras featurees three heroines out there to restore order to the world in there own seductive fashion.

Microgaming have a long history with online casinos and seems like everytime they release a game it will get picked up in a heart beat and with good reason. If history tells us anything Microgaming is one of the big power houses out there in the market and make quality and realible gaming which every customer seems to love and seemingly looks like they have done it again.

Theme And Design

Given a hundred attempts i dont think anyone would of guessed the theme to this online slot game. Set in
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When you are playing Pistoleras you can place a minimum of 25p per spin and a maximum of £250 per spin. These are very high numbers for a Microgaming game and this will please a lot of players especailly the ones who like those big bets.

How To Play Pistoleras

Playing an online slot game in this day and age couldnt be easier all you need to do is match three, four or five symbos on any one payline to win a prize. Obviouslt the more symbols you match the higher your reward will be remember each symbol has a different value to it so bear this in mind.

Pistoleras Final Verdict

There isnt too many times where a games title is the most confusing things about a game but here we have it and that is the only negative thing i can say about this game the theme is well thoughout and intresting. The graphics are subtle but they work so well and to top it off you have the backing track which just sets the whole game off. This is a game everyone should be reccomended play it just once and you will see the appeal straight
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