Aristophanes 'Lysistrata'

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Luigi Vittatoe
Professor Kathryn Lucas
HUM2051 Civilization 1: Ancient through Medieval
May 18, 2016
Week 3 Discussion
Since titles often reflect theme, suggest a new title for Lysistrata that best reflects its theme. Then make an argument for your title based on what you take to be the play’s major idea(s). How does the theme relate to contemporary issues and life? What is your personal response to the theme?
Aristophanes was Athens’ most famous playwright who wrote “Lysistrata” (Hunt pg. 100). This fantasy entails woman getting together to end the Peloponnesian War. They seize control of all the financial power to get the men’s attention. The woman then go on a sex boycott and refuse to sleep with their husbands until peace has been made. With all of this in mind, I believe a good title for this Greek play should be,
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All of these titles depict, in some way, what the play is about. In my version, “No Sex in the City”, I chose this title to show that the Athenian and Spartan women were refusing to have sex with their husbands until there was peace. Although this was only a part of the story, it could very well be a good name for the play. The second title, “The Conservative Woman”, fits really well in this story. Lysistrata, the main character, believes that she and the other woman are very smart and can make political decisions on their own. “I am a woman, and, yes, I have brains” (Hunt pg. 101). For the last title, “The Tough Women of Athens and Sparta”, I wanted to show what the woman were going through while their husbands were away fighting the pointless war. They were left behind many times while their men continued to fight in the war. The seizing of all the money and the boycott of sex shows that these women mean business. They are tired of being left behind, or
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