Aristophanes's View Of Love

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Plato (424-348) is considered to be one of the greatest philosophers in the world he pioneered many philosophical topics and made the first university in the western world. Plato was also the student of Socrates and he has authored around 35 platonic dialogues.
One of them is the symposium which takes place in a party, where they were honoring The host Agathon, as Socrates arrives late to the party. One of the guests Eryximachus picks up on a suggests that each of the people should make a speech to honor the God of loves Eros. One by one each guest take turns reciting speeches about describing love, two of the most notable/ interesting speeches comes from. Aristophanes who makes this epic peech about the mythical story of love which suggests
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Back then homosexuality was viewed in a positive way in ancient Greek culture men were allowed to hold relationships with other men. This was justified using religion as we can see in the symposium. Aristophanes and Arthagon both intellectuals supported equal forms of Love. I am a 20 yr old Bi Bangladeshi living in the States. I have been to both sides of the coin and viewed the societies opinion on love. In Bangladesh it’s common to see men holding hands or openly embracing each other but same sex marriage and behavior is illegal and the defenders of the law cite religious reason to ban homosexuality. In Islam it’s quite a sensitive topic from my experience I have seen moderates saying it’s a sin while liberals claiming it was allowed it’s a really complex but nonetheless. Ottoman empire had the elite in the top and some lower class individuals were allowed to practice homosexuality but then it all changed when oil was discovered as the ottomans started mimicking British culture and some religious customs. On the flipside in the States I have seen my fair share of acceptance and hatred since this country is really diverse. I have seen tragedies the like in Orlando and gay marriage being legalized everywhere. Just like Bangladesh certain people have used religion as way to oppose equal love. I agree with Aristophanes story in The symposium is that us humans often use religions to describe stuff that are different whether it be normal or immoral. In the symposium I have seen Greek society more equal marriage opportunities than most contemporary societies in the world. The united States of recently made gay marriage legal in all states this shows even if we view ourselves as an great nation but we let primitive and outdated religions dictate our
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