Aristotle And Plato 's Views On Politics And Morality Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss whether politics should be focused on morality with reference to the political thinkers, Aristotle and Plato. Aristotle and Plato have two fundamentally differing views on politics and how it links to morality. Morality to Aristotle and Plato will be analysed through their version of how politics utensils morality to carry out legislation or create a universal manner carried out by the citizens. To achieve this, this essay will examine the following points, Human nature and human soul. This essay will argue how the human nature and human soul differ on its viewpoint of justice and morality and how it should be implemented into political matters.

Morality is defined as distinguishing between a right and wrong behaviour, usually through specified codes of conduct of the society. For Aristotle, an ethical life is only possible in political society and they are closely linked. According to Aristotle, the morals of the city-state are correlated to politics. He takes this from his views on human nature. He states that “man by nature is an ethical being” , therefore, human beings ultimately want to live the ‘good life’ or a ‘just life’. He explains this through the idea of teleology. Teleology is “everything that exists... is present for that sake of purpose or end” . Therefore, man lives a just and moral life for the sake of telos, which in this case is the city-state because it is the political state that helps to construct and fulfil

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