How Did Kepler Add To Copernicus Model Of The Universe?

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Theories of the Universe:

Describe with a diagram the model of the universe as described by Aristotle and Ptolemy.
The universe is like a giant living body, with its leading part being the stars and the Sun, but in which all parts are interconnected, so that what happens in one place affects what happens elsewhere. They also held a cyclical view of history, in which the world was once pure fire and would become fire again (an idea borrowed from Heraclitus).

Compare and contrast Copernicus’ model of the universe to that described by Aristotle and Ptolemy.
We noted earlier that 3 incorrect ideas held back the development of modern astronomy from the time of Aristotle until the 16th and 17th centuries: the assumption that the Earth was the centre of the Universe, the assumption of uniform circular motion in the heavens, and the assumption that objects in the heavens were made from a perfect, unchanging substance not found on the Earth.
Copernicus challenged assumption 1, but not assumption 2. We may also note that the Copernican model implicitly questions the third tenet that the objects in the sky were made of special unchanging stuff. Since the Earth is just another planet, there will eventually be a natural progression to the idea that the planets are made from the same stuff that we find on the Earth.

What did Kepler add to Copernicus’ model of the universe?
In 1543, twenty-eight years before Kepler 's birth, Copernicus published the landmark astronomical text De
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