Aristotle Character Analysis

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Aristotle's idea of developing moral character from obtaining tangible objects, that can cause a person to move up in the world, can be both positive and negative. An example of where it is positive is when a person gets a raise. That person will gain prestige, and may rise in the social classes. They will be able to own more, and provide more for those they care about. This also has negative side-effects because that money and prestige usually goes over their heads. Their morals will change as he or she becomes more and more greedy and prestigious. His or her morals which they once upheld will die as new ones surface as a rabbit must appear out of its hole. This moral change does not only hurt himself or herself, but it hurts those around…show more content…
Look at the Clinton's for example. They possess a lot of money and power. They are also extremely corrupt because they give money to their own charities to finance their corrupt ideas, and they received money from Arabs to finance their campaign. The same Arabs also support ISIS and want to cripple America, Israel, other nations of the world as well as other believers of Islam. Bill Clinton has also been caught with other woman, but Hillary stays with him anyway. This is because her morals are destroyed due to her endless lust for power. She has tried to get her hands on more power, presidential power, for many years, but the people have always rejected her due to her immoral morals and beliefs as well as her corruption and lies. Owning goods is not the only thing that affects people's moral, a skill can do the…show more content…
Owning a skill does not mean that a person's morals won't change despite being talented. An example is Katy Perry. She began as a Baptist preacher's daughter, who sang in the choir. She decided to leave her Christian morals behind and became a rich and famous pop star. As she dove deeper and deeper, sin took over, and she wrote a song that had her kissing a girl which was against her previous Christian beliefs. This change of morals can also be seen in Miley Cyrus. She went from a Disney star and singer, Hana Montana, to the crazy, druggy, pop singer she is today. She also said that this is how she wanted to be, but was too afraid to show it. Her morals still changed because she could not handle being famous, and she broke under the
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