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Who is the citizen, and what is the meaning of the term? A citizen is a member of a city or town that who is entitled to the rights and privileges of a free person. Everyone should be able to live and have freedom. Many historical events has played a part in everyone being free. People being able to have the freedom to become a citizen, no matter how much a person worth is. Being a citizen of a city or town shows that you honor and respect you’re rights and others as well. In Aristotle time everyone one was characterized has a citizen, only the people who were involved in the government of some sort.
According to Aristotle a citizen is not a citizen because they live in a certain place. One reason being because slaves share, the slaves who
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It shouldn’t matter your label, to which you’ll be a citizen or not. Aristotle states “If they who hold no office are to be deemed citizens, in which part of the state are they to be placed?” When a person is looked at in the sense that they aren’t worthy to be called a citizen because they are valued less. Without many of the people such as the mechanics the city wouldn’t exist. In Aristotle’s time no man can show their worthiness if they are a mechanic or laborer, but under some governments they will be citizen of some kind.
To become a citizen when you aren’t a native there is process. It relates sort of too Aristotle view that everyone is eligible to be a citizen. Today becoming a citizen you have to provide documents to prove your eligibility. Then become a permanent resident of a city. Also go through the naturalization process. In some ways today becoming a citizen and being a citizen in Aristotle time is similar. Aristotle believed that man should be eligible to become a citizen. In today’s era it’s the same people who aren’t native have to prove they are eligible. Everyone isn’t eligible there is people who fail the
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