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Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) was a Greek Philosopher from the Socratic/Classical period in Athens, Greece. Socrates developed a system of critical reasoning in order to determine how to live properly and tell the difference between right and wrong. Aristotle was one of his followers along with Plato and they made a commitment to the truth, and organized and systematized most of the problems of philosophy. He is one of the most important figures in Western Philosophy and was the first person to create a comprehensive system of philosophy. Aristotle was born to an aristocratic family in Stagira. His father was the personal physician to King Amyntas of Macedon. Aristotle was trained and educated as a member of the aristocracy. At age 10, Aristotle's father died (which meant that he could not follow his father's profession as a doctor anymore) and his mother also died young, so, he was taken under the care of a man named Proxenus. At age 18, he moved to Athens to complete his education at Plato's famous Academy. Aristotle remained there for nearly twenty years, first as a student and then as a teacher, until after Plato's death in 347 B.C.. He left the academy because he wasn’t chosen to be head of the academy since his ideas diverged far from Plato’s. In 335 B.C., Aristotle established his own school outside the walls of Athens, known as the Lyceum, in competition with Plato's Academy. The Lyceum had a broader curriculum than the Academy, and a stronger emphasis on natural
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